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improvements. >> thank you. it's on ocean but on san jose as well where it's inaccessible sidewalks and ramps that are actually very dangerous. >> right. so i think san jose crush ramp improvements are done by the green yard rail project and fully funded. our board is going to be approving the contract this afternoon. moving on to -- speaking of that contract one of its key components is a new accessible boarding platform on san jose for the j and the k where people are now boarding in an area that is very close to the tracks. it has major safety inaccessibility problems so this will help address that. >> are those tracks actually going to be moved? right now there is the bench point i put on the screen last week at the board of supervisors meeting so the tracks moved and the poles taken out? is that part of the project? >> we are moving to move the poles to remove the pinch points. there isn't enough room to change the track alignment. it's so tight and part of the overall big squeeze, but that is something i will talk more about. >> great. >> finally on this slide in the lower right fl
cents in the past month. regular in san francisco $3 boy 95. -- $3.95: in san jose $3.80, 80 cent drop from a month ago. >>> skiers and snowboarders can start hitting the slopes at heavenly and north star, starting today, beginning a week earlier thanks to cold temperatures for snow making and last week's stormy weather not all runs will be open, but enough for tahoe visitors to get an early taste of winter while we get a late taste of summer. >>> [ unintelligible ] >>> get up there early more snow is on the way, more rain. good morning. coming up on 5:17. 87 san jose, looks clear, high clouds definitely no rain falling now. still seeing more clouds than anything else, no rain is falling from these clouds high level clouds made of ice crystals this time of the year not going to drop anything on us. you will still need sunglasses, during the afternoon. temperatures as you step out now, low to mid 40s around napa, fairfield, santa rosa, redwood city, san jose, los gatos, livermore, upper 40s to low 50s everywhere else, half moon bay 59°. monterey bay mid to upper 40s, gilroy 55 inland t
ramirez at a tesla dealer in san jose where they are celebrating the model s' honor tonight. >> reporter: exactly right. you have to give the folks at tesla in palo alta and the people who build the cars in fremont a lot of credit. they have produced a world class vehicle that runs on batteries and is electrifying the automotive industry. the 17-inch touchscreen display to the disis a peering door handles, there was buzz about the tesla model s. but when motor trend named it car of the year, it was more. >> it is the equivalent of the academy awards. >> he has reason to be proud. designed in palo alto and built if fremont, the tesla model s is a silicon valley original that was supposed to shatter the idea of of cars being small and funny looking and it has. >> we wanted to build a car, an its own merit, a good car. so great utility, fun to drive, high performance and model s in all of those things in addition to being -- in addition to being electric. >> reporter: craig keith is a retired silicon valley engineer and one of 13,000 people who have reserved a model s. he already owns a plu
.85, san francisco $3.95 in oakland and san jose the prices lower than the statewide average, oakland $3.83, san jose $3.80. >>> still ahead, keeping men faithful in relationships. new science that says it could come down to a nasal spray. >> this you gotta hear. >>> he's one of president obama's most vocal critics. now the donald's attacks could cost him a lucrative business deal. >>> new lawsuit that >>> ferry building is in blue to commemorate world diabetes day. san francisco with many cities around the country and world are going to be celebrated world diabetes day. one of the ways to bring awareness is have the ferry building blue and make you think about all those people with diabetes and what you can do to keep yourself from getting it. >>> 6:14. rare tornado hit japan today, all caught on camera, japanese television showed this footage of the large tornado over the ocean it lasted 10 minutes before arriving on land. so far no damage or injuries. there are more warnings about strong winds, lightning and tornadoes. >>> in sardinia, new video shows hundreds of laid off aluminum emp
expecting those changes later on in the week. roadwork on the upper deck. we have emergency work in san jose. southbound 880 that off-ramp is shut down to the alameda. scheduled until about 11:15 this morning. also more roadwork in the eastbound lanes of highway 4 bailey to railroad. they picked up that overnight roadwork. good news between hayward and downtown oakland. milpitas commute this is a live look at westbound 237, 880, everything so far looking good this time of the morning. back to you guys. >>> two of the highest officers of the united states will be on capitol hill. susan mcginnis is in washington where lawmakers will be asking questions. the hearing is moving to capitol hill today where the scandal will take place. house intelligence leaders want to talk to acting cia director morrell to find out who knew what and when. >>> reporter: the sex scandal that brought down former cia director petraeus moves to capitol hill today. house intelligence leaders will ask fbi deputy director sean joyce and acting cia director michael morrell about the events that led to david petraeus's res
ranieri live in san jose where brandon high is getting into the spirit, the giving spirit tonight. >> let's stop hunger. let's stop hunger! let's stop hunger! >>> good news, bad news for lovers of bay area dung juness crab. the good news, there will be crab by the end of the week. the bad news, fans may have to fork over a bit more money for it. >> if you're a dungeoness crab lover, then this is exactly the scene you want to see two days before the start of the commercial season. winches loading boats with crab pots. fork lifts racing about, and yesterday's fish becoming tomorrow's bait. >> everybody is just doing their final preparations, moving drops and trying to get organized for tomorrow. >> reporter: things around fishermen's wharf didn't look like this last year at this time. a price dispute between fishermen and processors kept the boats at the docks and thanksgiving without local crab. >> the impact was no business. they held out until after thanksgiving so they lost all of thanksgiving. >> reporter: so there was a sigh of relief yesterday when fishermen and processors agreed on
into tomorrow. conditions will be chilly. mainly in the 40s. 40 in fairfield. 46 in oakland. 44 in san jose. temperatures warming up nicely. valleys in the 70s in a number of locations. 60s and 70s. along the coastline temperatures in the 60s. a mix of 60s and 70s through the north bay. tomorrow nice and warm. as we head into thursday our sea breeze winds will pick back up. that will mean cooler conditions. more cloud cover. rain moves in on friday. lingers into saturday. another system moves in sunday that could bring us heavy rain. we could see the same thing on monday. series of systems set to move through. we'll keep you posted on the rain as it gets closer. >> residents along the east coast continue to face a monumental cleanup in the wake of hurricane sandy. weeks later many of those residents still do not have power. this is a scene of just some of the devastation. this is three weeks after the storm hit. people who live in bell harbor are sifting through what's left of their homes. that neighborhood was virtually wiped out. new york governor andrew cuomo says many people on long isl
night but not as cold the past couple of nights. looking at low 50s for livermore, san jose. warm spots are oakland and san francisco right now in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow morning wake up to 52 in san francisco going for that ely morning jog in redwood city, 46 in san jose, 46 degrees. high deaf doppler completely dry but boy do we have a change coming. the rain will arrive on friday between now and then we have high pressure still in control for one more day but will be moving out. right on the northern fringe of things. if you were in marin county today, mostly cloudy in san jose and monterey mostly sunny. will be once again tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, and actually because of the storm system well off to the west we're getting more of a southerly flow so a rain system is actually helping us be sunny and warm. low pressure wins the battle in the sky. it's going to start raining on friday. it will rain friday, saturday, sunday. i'm running off fingers, monday, and tuesday. a lot of rain fall moving into the bay area. five straight days with the rain chance it begins on friday. to
showing up about 70 degrees in concord. 70 in san francisco. and 72 in san jose. this is about as good as it gets though this week. we have some rain on the horizon. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are going to enjoy this dry commute while we can. we are following a couple of problems though. we are seeing in the usual amount of delays right -- an unusual amount of delays right now on westbound 4 because of an accident not even blocking lanes. it's off to the shoulder approaching a street lone tree way but unfortunately it's causing heavy traffic right now through antioch. also reports of an accident westbound 580 approaching santa rita, tassajara. we can't see it but we are seeing bunching up but we have delays stop and go from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. the nimitz 880 through oakland near the oakland coliseum, no problems. 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. and a quick note for the south bay commute in san jose, they have closed off that off-ramp from southbound 880 to the alameda for emergency roadwork
to bring trees to his san jose neighborhood. it started with his neighbor. >> super bowl sunday 1998 she came home, police cordened off the area because of a shooting. >> reporter: they decided to focus on beautifying their street with the help of a local nonprofit. >> we planted 65,000 large trees in the last 15 years. >> reporter: and in winn's neighborhood, the effect was lightening-fast. >> i would see people intentionally staying and improving their house. >> reporter: an increase in property value is what u.s. forest service economist also found. he's published multiple studies on trees and their impact on the neighborhood. >> having the tree outside increased the price of your home by $6,700. >> that was the obvious question. >> what surprised me is the profound effect it can have on things like crime or health. >> smaller trees were linked to higher crime, larger trees seemed to cut down on crime and donovan's study based in portland oregon. >> they signal to a potential criminal that a neighborhood is well cared for. should they commit a crime, they would be more likely to get c
,000. in san jose. >> if you can't quite afford to go electric you can go a little greener at the pump with algae. yeah. algae derived biodiesel. this is part of a trial program. the price should hover around the same as regular diesel. the big difference though, the fuel burns much cleaner. >> there's a 30% reduction in particulate matter. a 10% reduction in total hydrocarbon. >> the algae fuel is approved for use in all diesel engines. >> a second u.s. general is now caught up in the scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus. and the same florida socialite is at the center of it all. was jill kelley's complaint that ended up revealing petraeus' extramarital affair. an inappropriate relationship between kelley and john allen. he was in line to become the military head of nato. that's now on hold as the investigation continues. allen denies think wrong doing and remains on duty. >> president has great confidence in the military. great confidence in his commanders and will continue to have that confidence. >> a person close to kelley denies any affair. even flirtatious e-ma
in livermore, concord, 45 in san jose and you will notice low 50s around half moon bay. the high clouds and patches of fog. we are watching the clouds as you look at the satellite and radar. we have high pressure that will provide us with dry weather for a couple more days. but there is a storm developing far offshore, and this is the system that will bring our first possibility of rain. we will just see the high clouds tomorrow. another mild day. in the upper 60s to low 70s. then the clouds will begin to thicken. there could be a little drizzle developing around the monterey bay. the rain arrives on friday and snow is expected in the mountains and mixing in with rain as early as friday. here are the ski resorts opening as soon as tomorrow. heavenly, they are both opening tomorrow. squaw valley and alpine meadows opening this coming friday. initially the snow levels are going to be very high around 6500 feet with the next couple systems. but the snow level is dropping down 5,000 feet as we head to the latter part of the weekend. they will certainly be getting fresh powder. look at these
degrees near san jose. today we'll pop through. we'll see 70s showing up outside maybe even san francisco about 70 degrees even at the coast we could see upper 60s and low 70s. enjoy it. we have a lot of rain on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first elizabeth has traffic. >> we have emergency utility work going on in san jose. they have closed an off-ramp and on-ramp approaching the alameda. alternates, was come bascomb coleman. >>> 28 minutes between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza heads up if you are commuting from marin into san francisco. westbound 237 quiet. the rest of the bay area no delays from the east bay northbound 880 pretty good all the way towards downtown. and a quick check of bridges, it looks like one lane is blocked on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's before 5:00 this morning. 4:37 this morning. back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> it's early. 4:37. okay, liz, thanks. >>> many members of congress say two u.s. military generals owe them some answers amid a scandal that keeps growing. susan mcginnis reports it will be a big issue on capitol h
with jeff ranieri. he is at a safeway in south san jose to tell you how you can get involved with our food drive. >> that's right. we're continuing to kick off here tonight at safeway in san jose. of our annual holiday food drive. we know the need is going to be great again this year. some 600,000 reported families in the bay area will need some sort of assistance throughout the holidays. we ooh looking to beat a goal last year. we are making it so easy. come down to your local safeway, and we have these prepackaged bags, as you can see my photographer glenn zooms in. you take that to the register. they scan it, and you're good to go and you have made the donation there is no limit how many you can bring up to the register. you can load a whole cart full up and bring it on down. we also want to bring in from emc. we have a lot of companies that are joining us along with the 49ers, and not only safeway, but carin pavis. why is this so important for your company to get involved with it? >> emc is such a proud sponsor this season we have about 9,000 employees locally that are just really abou
into the afternoon. today could be the warmest of the week. milpitas 71 degrees. 724 santa clara and san jose. antioch 70 degrees 714 walnut creek. mostly sunny conditions a pleasant day for the north bank. 744 santa rosa. downtown san francisco 70. 72 in san mateo. upper 60s for ocean beach in daly city. here is the bigger picture satellite and radar on our clear for now. today will be the warmest of the week. we have changes in the form of wet weather. about 1,000 mi. offshore we are tracking system that will bridge in from the coast line. futurecast 4 set up for thursday 6:00 p.m.. we could see wet weather from the south. we advance the clock 7, 8, 9, 10, 11:00 p.m. later that night indicates the showers will be relatively light in nature. it will continue into friday. residual shower into saturday as well. this other system could bring heavy rains for the entire bay area coming in from the north. along with it gusty conditions. i do not think we will see a wind advisory. keep your umbrellas handy as we take it to the traffic center. >> looking good at the bridges. the live look at the app
. 30's in the san rafael. and 44 through san jose. temperatures in the '60s and '70s for tomorrow afternoon. concord, livermore, 72 degrees in san jose. as look at the extended forecast it is going to be dry and warm but thursday, more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures expected. friday, the rainfall will return and showers returning. as for go towards a sunday heavy rainfall possible. and it looks like there could be some mea.... mainly in north sections. >> three oakland police officers who helped deliver a baby boy along the side of the road last week are united reunited with a child and is happily family. >> is a happy reunion for these officers had helped deliver this baby. she knew the issue is going to deliver one of the father was driving to a hospital. the 4 year-old was also in the car they pulled into this gas station on 98th avenue before getting on the 5 a 0. these officers for their. on the five is zero, one of the officers was a former nursing assistant. this was a healthy boy... >> it is difficult to think about it and how they have gone through that put it was
happening right now. >> starts at $57,000 but for many people browsing at in san jose, the main concern is how far the electric car can travel. >> it's a big, big change, though, to having a -- a -- a dedicated range you can't go beyond. >> now expect today ramp up production here at his plant, which will help because the customer wait for a new order is already nine months long. from fremont, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. >>> after hours of waiting and braving very cold weather, huns of videogame lofrs finally have their copy of call of duty block ops 2. >> three, two, one, yeah. >> about 400 people were lined up in front of the game stop on market street in san francisco overnight where the videogame's midnight release. some were in line for nearly 12 hours. the game is set in the year 2025. it centers around a 21st century cold war. >>> the man who guided the oakland a's through their improbable post-season run received one of baseball's top honors today. bob melvin was selected the american league manager of the yeefrment the a's won the western division on the last day of the s
time in san jose, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. still ahead at 4:00 major league baseball manager of the year and which manager was a winner. >> this new song is thanksgiving is one video trending on you tube. not everyone is giving thanks for the song. >> how about this view. looking at lots of blue skies looking towards east bay. i'll let you know how it will look tomorrow at this time in the accu-weather forecast. >> at 4:30 checking traffic on golden gate bridge. it's smooth sailing but all in all, not too terrib >>> breaking news from major league baseball. bob melvin has been named american league of the year. and an improbable first place finish. the team was in one game of advancing to the league championship series and tigers first round of the play offs. washington nation jals took the honor, bruce bochi finished third this, is a regular season award. certainly bochy would have won. >> spencer christian is here now. >> with the accu-weather forecast. blue skies this afternoon. by way of time lapse, take a look at the sky. just awesome. thin clouds, this picture, showery
. the temperatures warming up very nicely right now. 62 in concord. 63 in san francisco. and 63 degrees in san jose. even 67 in santa rosa. so working on a spectacular afternoon. just a few high clouds drifting across our skies from time to time. these temperatures staying mild to warm outside. tonight we'll notice changes, partly cloudy skies and the rain could make a return as early as late thursday into friday. right now high pressure over the state of california. a few clouds continue to move over the top of that ridge. other than that, we are looking good right now. and then we'll begin to notice some changes off the coastline. we have this area of low pressure that's the one that's going to pay a visit to the bay area by tomorrow night and into friday. that means we have changing weather. so enjoy the day. the warmest day of the week and then these temperatures start to cool down as early as tomorrow and by friday, we could see some showers. our futurecast models showing you those clouds rolling in late in the day tomorrow and then we begin to see some showers so by friday morning we are back
in australia, ten years ago. >>> police in the south bay say there is a spike in stolen bicycles. san jose police say bike thefts in july and august jumped 63% over the same time last year. between may and october, the sheriff's department saw a 114% increase in cupertino. >> long rides and good memories of the book -- of the bike. when it's gone, you've lost an acquaintance or friend. >>> san jose police can cite people for a code infraction when they -- they leave the likes unlock and unintended. >>> sal is watching your commute. sal, can you take care of the folks? >> that's right, dave and tori. traffic is busy all over the place. we're starting off this time with a look at the contra costa county. there was a crash near treat. that's long gone but traffic has been slow and steady the whole time. if you are driving through there, give yourself extra time 0 -- time. 80 westbound is beginning to slow and then 880 down fremont and 680 is slow. out to the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 25-minute delay. a little thicker today than yesterday. this morning if
ones. san jose, 72. fremont right around 70 degrees. we'll -- we've been dealing with the lows. they've been coming up a little bit. so it's nice to have mild numbers out there today. we'll shave off a few degrees on thursday. some occasional off and on showers. tori, you can see the rain clouds, multiple rain clouds, we're expecting some breaks this weekend. enjoy today. >>> the oakland mayor kicked off a holiday campaign to encourage residents to pump money back into their community. ♪ >> mayor quan and local merchants appeared at a festive media equate to promote shop oakland grown. this supports 50 local businesses and the use of oakland grown gift cards. both the merchants and the city will benefit. >> oaklanders spend $28 million in gift cards. $28million. so if we all maybe some of those gift cards as oakland grown cards think about what that would do for our local community? >> those cards can be used as dozens of parks. >>> ahead -- oakland as manager just talking to reporters after receiving a special honor. >> ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a brand new medicare presc
or united center in chicago, the hp pavillion in san jose or the current or goal arena in oakland, there is a wide variety in the number per year really ranging -- these are once anchored by sports teams really between about 100 and 250, depending on the venue. i think the notion is there are -- part is whether or not your regional area has enough capacity to maintain a multiday -- events that would happen recurrently over a lot of days or whether your market is such that a show might only come to town for a few days. depending on the market in some ways depends on the number of events. i can let rick speak about this. >> just a question in the context of the events. is that really a major consideration for this project being successful in years to come? if it is 25 events what does that -- >> thank you for the question. that is a realistic number and facility of this size and budget we are talking about to perform, that is not only a goal but something we will try to achieve. there are arenas that have sittingly larger numbers but that is driven by the fact they have more than on
rain. lots of sun. mild in the south bay with high pressure in the low 70's. 72 at san jose and kawp tino. peninsula similar range of 72 at redwood city and mountain view and on the coast 72 at half moon bay and 70 at pacifica. downtown san francisco will have a high of 70. milder in the sun set district. high of 71. upper 60's to low 70's will blanket most of the north bay nearest bay 72 at oakland. 71 at union city and castro vaechlt inland east bay see high mainly in the low 70's but a little cooler as you go out to the delta there pittsburgh high of 69. 68 antioch. only 67 in brentwood. near monterey bay some mid 70's very mild in that renal of the bay area. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 more mild day this week before cooling off a tad on friday as rain begins. as i mention it's wet through the weekend into monday. might even see isolated thunderstorm or 2 on saturday as we have some unstable air there. so after two days of warm get ready for wet fall like weather. >> that's our pattern tonight is this time of year thanks very much. >> who pictures like art i
. san jose police says one a bike is stolen the best way to get it back is with a serial number and a detailed description or photo. >> reporter: the officer on the beat who's riding around. he sees someone on the bicycle. any other day of the week he might drive by that person. if he has a good description of the boing and serial number go off. that may be an easy arrest. >> reporter: here's an interesting note. san jose police say in an effort to leave the crime, leaving your bike unlocked, may get you sited for it. >>> the investigation was carried out by the san francisco police department in the silican valley internet crimes against children task force. investigators say they identified the suspects in chat rooms then obtained warrants for their ip addresses and warrants for their suspect's homes where they found child pornography. the men arrested were all men between 25 and 48 years old. >>> a jury convicted a man for the murder of four women. the charges were so numerous it took 39 minutes to read all the verdicts. jurors convicted fredrick dosser jr. of 25 of the 36 ch
lock. but it often acts as a deterrent. san jose police says one a bike is stolen the best way to get it back is with a serial number and a detailed description or photo. >> reporter: the officer on the beat who's riding around. he sees someone on the bicycle. any other day of the week he might drive by that person. if he has a good description of the boing and serial number go off. that may be an easy arrest. >> reporter: here's an interesting note. san jose police say in an effort to leave the crime, leaving your bike unlocked, may get you sited for it. >>> the investigation was carried out by the san francisco police department in the silican valley internet crimes against children task force. investigators say they identified the suspects in chat rooms then obtained warrants for their ip addresses and warrants for their suspect's homes where they found child pornography. the men arrested were all men between 25 and 48 years old. >>> a jury convicted a man for the murder of four women. the charges were so numerous it took 39 minutes to read all the verdicts. jurors convicted fredri
chp of a crash now on northbound 280 approaching san jose avenue blocking one lane. so obviously, very slow heading into san francisco. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right, looking good outside. going to see the warmest day of the week, it looks like, those temperatures spectacular toward the afternoon. lots of sunshine, a few high clouds right now over san jose and the rest of the bay area. temperatures now running in the 40s and the 50s outside. but by the afternoon, all the way to the coast, how about this? 60s even some low 70s at the beaches. about 70 in san francisco. 72 in san jose. 70 degrees in concord. and 73 in santa rosa. next couple of days, we cool down tomorrow, a few more clouds on the way. and then late thursday night into friday, a chance of showers developing. a stronger storm on sunday. ,,,,,,,, Ñ=ó >>> does the super p.a.c. hurt republicans more than i want helped them. >> i had one billionaire, a person deeply passionate. >> great friend? >> billionaires are the best friends to have. romney had about 26. it turned out 26 billionair
. livermore 72. san jose 72. nearly 70 in downtown san francisco. fremont, your high tomorrow is 70. cupertino 72. san mateo 69. antioch 71. pleasanton 71. san rafael, sunny and 71. and daly city 78 degrees. your extended forecast calls for cloudier conditions, a couple of degrees cooler on thursday. here comes the rain on friday. a pretty soggy weekend with the wettest weather coming in next monday into next tuesday. so the rain starts on friday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, bean extract is the newest t craze. >>> pop one twice a day and you can lose weight without even trying. green coffee bean extract, the newest diet craze. >> dr. kim reports doctors are concerned about what you are really taking. >> a few months ago roberta lou went on facebook and saw an ad about a fat buster. >> if you can take two pills a day, you are in. >> reporter: online she found a ton of them for sale. >> so i clicked on it and i ordered it. >> reporter: without changing her diet or adding exercise. >> i lost my belly fat and ten pounds in two months without even trying. >> reporter: what is she taking? green
, san jose police, santa cruz county fire department, the fremont fire department and many other public safety agencies. here in san francisco the grant will fund planners at my agency, department of emergency management. it will fund radio communications equipment for the police department and department of public health. apparatus for the fire department. supplies and equipment and things many first-respond errs use in san francisco . this resolution creates no new positions in san francisco and there are no matching funds required by the city. the resolution is retroactive because the performance period for grant began the day we received the award letter, october 12th. we have a short time to spend the grant, 18 months. i'm happy to answer questions you may have. >> thank you very much. for this item we did not have a budget analyst report because san francisco is acting as a fiscal at. the money is accepted legally through us. we distribute it per the grant requirements and uasi, or regional body. why don't we go to -- before public comment we have a question. supervisor avalos? >>
the best car. >> tesla is not wasting time. it's due out in time for 2014 model year. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the popularity of election car may depend on the price of gasoline. triple a shows california gas prices haveyo"g fallen 82 centsn the past month. and the bay area dropped only 69 cents on average. >> if you voted by mail in the election last week, there is a chance your vote may not>uvb hae counted. >> the balance that will >>> u.s. supreme court may decide whether to put california ban on same-sex marriage on its calendar. according to the american foundation for equal rights justices will meet to discuss whether to settle the dispute over prop 8 and if they should take up the federal defense of marriage act. both say only men and women can legallylngdd get married. the decision would likely be announced the following monday fchl the answer is no it would mean same-sex marriages could resume in california immediately. >> if you voted by mail in the presidential election, are you sure your vote was counted? there are thousands of ballot that's were not counted and never will
. topfs blanca ---en estos momentos, el consulado de mexico en san jose realiza un taller sobre la "accion diferida" donde se ofrece informacion sobre los requisitos y los tramites para acogerse a la directiva ordenada por el presidente barack obama. ---el taller termina a las 7 de la tarde en las oficinas del consulado ubicado sobre la calle zanker road numero 21-25. ---el numero de telefono es el 408-294-34-14. blanca ---tiempo de la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48, pero mas adelante... take vo blanca ---a poco mas de una semana de celebrarse el dia de accion de gracias, los operadores de muchos bancos de comida externan preocupacion.. . take sot vo -----salimos a investigar a fondo con creyentes y take sot vo -----salimos a investigar a fondo con creyentes y escepticos sobre un tema que genera polemica.. ayuda la oracion a que el cuerpo sane?... roll open topvo cesar ---la fiscalia del condado de santa clara confirmo esta tarde que presentara mas cargos contra antolin garcia torres, quien es el principal sospechoso de asesinar a la adolescente sierra lamar... ---sin embargo, los
. vallejo, and 39 degrees in san rafael. and 44 and san jose. with low 70's expected in the inland valleys will see 70's and concord. '70s in pleasanton, livermore and in the south bay... redwood city and 70's in napa and santa rosa. a look a your extended forecast. warmer but thursday, with saturday mostly some shower activity but it does look like heavy rain could be pressing in on a sunday. possibly even on monday. that could stay to the north of us. we will look forward to the wet weather in early next week. as we go towards thursday. >> coming up the oakland a's honor bob melvin.. ;x when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find job
joins us from san jose, calif.. you're getting a lot of props from analysts about these numbers for really good execution. what is different about this quarter because the time they're still challenging, are they not? >> they are and what is different is what you saw when you interviewed us at the olympics in london. cisco is moving from selling routers and switches to helping governments or companies achieve their key goals. on this quarter we grew shares, exceeded analysts' expectations with 12% growth in earnings, record revenue, good progress around the world with the exception of europe and europe is not as tough as you here and will get tougher and but you are starting to see the u.s. turned up and we will see this maintained another quarter. that was the key take away in terms of positive note on the quarter in terms of the global economy. liz: you just threw that out the u.s. looked better but which parts? the government part of your business was floundering a little bit but you had better enterprise which is big corporations and that business. what looks strongest for y
for livermore. 71 degrees today in san jose and san francisco. look at what's on the way for friday morning. heavy rain primt. go ahead and keep that in mind and once this wet pattern starts we are going to be in the thick of it all the way throughout the weekend and into the first part of next week. good news is that showers should clear out of here for the second half of your tuesday. just before we hit the busiest travel day of the year. 7:27. let's check on your drive. what's happening out there now. >> right now look we have this big, big flow of traffic north 280 approaching. actually it is slow coming out of downtown. let me show you on the map. entire streak going on from the center of your map right to left. jam northbound 280 past the 80 interchange. cupertino. bottom of the screen, 85. top of your screen 101. southbound direction through the east bay. 880 slow through the city out of hayward and into fremont. 680 still recovering after the earlier accident at around dry head. cleared. 580 out of the tri valley and south 680, accident should be clear. still slow heading out of con
write about the budget game. we'll read in part what you might. "hundreds of people from san jose, a cash-strapped city in california will embark on a curious modern experiment. san jose's citizens will be invited to play with the city's budge for a day using pretend money. the hope is that by logging into these computing-cum-budget exercises, residents will become better informed about how their budget and city work, and that, in turn, should make them more engaged in crucial policy choices. should the city save money by reducing its firemen on trucks or bite the bullet and raise taxes instead? a cynic might dismiss this as a marketing or political gimmick, but if nothing else, the experiment is distinctly thought-provo thought-provoking." i'm curious your thoughts because in your essay you also talk about switzerland. they obviously face unique comparisons to the united states. we're a far larger cannot tri wi country with a lot more poverty than they face. what is your belief of why it would work here? >> it's been tried in brazil, but the idea is you get people at a local leve
will tureturno the forecast later tonight. san jose 45. 53 in oakland. concord 47. 45 in livermore. i will show you where the numbers are expected go into the afternoon and a look at the rain. now it is not to traffic with george. >> and developing hot spot in walnut creek interstate 680 and concord in to martinez. it is slow going for highway 4 on 242. a backup of 680 all in onto highway 4. it is out of the traffic lane but on the shoulder. managing to gonna attention and create a backup. >> thank you george following the developing news of daly city where a lot of unanswered questions after a major flooding we saw live on the kron forming a new suggested a. fed us go to kron 4 is will tran. never looks different than yesterday. >> at much different yesterday we were up to our the cabs and mud. you can see the remnants of it. data show you this car. --let us show you this car. some cars were towed away because they would not at all to be driven off. the engines could not start. wolf find out how quickly peopl can filwe will find out quickly people can file a claim and will be reimbursed. >> yo
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